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              As a professional warehouse shelf manufacturer, we emphasize on service marketing, emphasizing the service response timeliness and the quality of service, so that every customer can get rid of their worries and provide customers with professional and efficient after-sales services.

              24 hours a day, 24 hours after-sales service (400-022-6929 or 13821211686)
            7*24-hour telephone service hotline provides convenient services.

              Five-year warranty service, promised free maintenance or replacement due to product quality problems during the warranty period
            In the case of human factors, such as collision of forklift trucks, placement of heavy cargo, etc., causing quality problems, it is not within the scope of the warranty, and it still provides timely replacement services, only charging materials.

              Emergency response
            Take a 30-minute telephone response and arrive at the scene of the emergency response within 48 hours.

              Regular visits to maintain
              Regular visits, maintenance, understanding of shelf usage and safety, and focus on customer usage.

              Technical Training
              Always adhere to the principle of "customer independent service", carry out technical training for customers and cultivate customer's ability to maintain independently.

              The Meide shelf is a professional large-scale shelf factory. Various types of storage shelves and storage shelves meet the storage requirements of most customers. Heavy-duty storage racks are the leading brands in North China, and various kinds of logistics warehouses and corporate warehouses can be customized for shelves.
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            Technical support: Vamedia Star (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd.