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            Tianjin Shelving Factory 丨 Virtue Shelves 丨 Warehouse Shelves 丨 Factory Support 丨 Boutique 丨 Super 丨 Medium-Size Shelves 丨 Heavy-duty Shelves

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            After Sales

            Time:2018-05-11    Views:65
            1. Our company has operations all over the country and is equipped with a technically competent, experienced, high-quality and highly efficient after-sales service team; we guarantee to respond to customer requests within 24 hours after receiving your company's phone or fax within 2 working hours. Send someone to solve the problem. (According to the distance, adjust accordingly)
            2. During the warranty period, the content of the after-sales service will be free (including labor and accessories), and we will ensure that when the shelves are put into use for six months, our company will send trained staff to your company for maintenance work, such as painting. Maintenance, repair, re-commissioning and more. Work on the above content again before the warranty period expires.
            3. After the warranty period expires, our company will ensure that in addition to a small amount of labor costs for after-sales service, the accessories will be given to your company's most favorable price, and to ensure timely and accurate delivery of your accessories to your company.
            4. In the course of your company's use, due to employee's operation mistakes and accidental damage, our company will provide free warranty for one year.
            5. Establish detailed information about the customer's shelf engineering. The competent department shall be responsible for the full-time, regularly returning calls to your company's use department, and question whether there are any unfavorable circumstances in use. If any, promptly send someone to solve the problem.
            6, depending on the specific circumstances of the customer shelves, from time to time on the inspection and maintenance of the shelves; and the entire service staff to better training, improve the quality, in order to provide better service with your company.
            Meide (Tianjin) Storage Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ADD:Liu Anzhuang Industrial Zone, Xiaodian Town, Beichen District, Tianjin (No. 41 Jiamei Road) 津ICP備14002194號-2
            CONTACT:Manager Guo TEL:13821211686 022-26397375 EMAIL:mdhuojia@126.com
            Technical support: Vamedia Star (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd.