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            In order to create brand names, improve corporate reputation, and establish a corporate image, our company is in line with the spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the principle of "the most favorable price, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" principle Promise to you:
            First, product quality commitment:
            1, the product manufacturing and testing have quality records and test data.
            2. For the detection of product performance, we sincerely invite users to visit the product for the whole process and full performance inspection. After the product is confirmed to be qualified, it is packaged and shipped.
            Second, product price commitments:
            1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advancement of the products, the selection of materials for the system is based on domestic or international quality brand name products.
            2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide you with the most favorable price in good faith on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of products and changing the parts of products.
            Third, delivery commitments:
            1, product delivery: as far as possible according to user requirements, if there are special requirements, need to be completed in advance, my company can personally organize production, installation, and strive to meet user needs.
            2. When the product is delivered, our company brings the following documents to the user;
            1 Technical Maintenance Manual
            2 installation general plan
            3 Purchased Parts Instructions and Manufacturers
            4 Bring to the list of wearing parts, spare parts, and the necessary spare parts
            Fourth, after-sales service commitment:
            1. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
            2, service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction
            3, service efficiency: During the warranty period or outside the warranty period, if the equipment fails, the supplier can receive the notice, the maintenance personnel can arrive at the scene within 24 hours and begin maintenance.
            4. Service principle: The warranty period of the product is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts and components damaged by the quality for free. The damage to parts and components outside the warranty period will only be charged to the accessories. Fees, equipment damage caused by demand-side human factors, suppliers repair or bring the accessories are based on the cost price.
            Outside the warranty period, our company's technical staff will make a return visit no less than three times a year to investigate the use of the user.
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