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            How should the light warehouse shelf

            Time:2018-05-14    Views:92

               The light warehouse shelf is a storage device, which is based on six basic functions of packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, and information management. In order to use the Shenzhen shelf longer, the stainless steel shelf factory requires us to do regular maintenance and maintenance in daily life. The following companies will introduce you to the maintenance items in use:

               Light warehouse shelves

               First, clean: Cleaning is very important for a light warehouse shelf, because light warehouse shelves are generally placed in the warehouse, and some units of the warehouse are generally no one to go. Only need something, hurry to get it, and then hurriedly left. So few people will clean it. Regular cleaning will extend shelf life. Shelf cleaning may not always be washed with water. As long as there is no dust on it, washing the shelf with water can easily oxidize the surface of the shelf.

               Second, the light warehouse shelf tidy: Tools, accessories, workpieces (products) To be neat, pipelines, lines must be organized in order to avoid blocking the channel.

               Third, the safety of light warehouse shelves: we must remember the weight of storage shelves, do not put more than the weight of the goods, so as to avoid the occurrence of security accidents.

               High-quality shelves can help us save a lot of trouble, so choose a shelf manufacturers is very important, we are a professional production of shelf manufacturers, has many years of shelf production and sales experience, shelves beautiful and durable, can also be customized according to customer needs processing it !

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