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            Calculation of Logistics Shelf Structure

            Time:2018-05-14    Views:58
              The calculation of the logistics shelf structure:

              The pallet beams of the assembled logistics shelf structure can generally be calculated by simply supporting beams. If the beam and the column in the logistics shelf are mechanically connected, the strength and deflection of the calculated beam shall be taken into account in the partial inlaying effect of the semi-rigid connection nodes of the beam and column. Pallet beam shelves are usually welded at both ends with connecting pieces connected to the column, the carrying capacity of the connector can be determined by testing.

              The connecting welds of the connecting parts of the assembled logistics racks and the cross beams shall be calculated according to the bending moments and shear forces experienced by the beams.

              Seismic design of logistics shelf structure.

              The seismic design of the logistics shelf structure can only take into account the effects of horizontal earthquake action and vertical earthquake action.

              When calculating the seismic effect, the gravity load representative value of the logistics shelf structure should be the sum of the standard value of its own weight and the combined value of all live loads.

              When designing the logistics shelf structure, the overall overturning calculation of the logistics shelf structure should be performed according to the combination of the horizontal seismic action to overturn the shelving structure or the most unfavorable load effect between the maximum wind load and horizontal load and the minimum gravity load to keep the logistics shelf structure stable.
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