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            Supply chain logistics and finance two major

            Time:2018-05-14    Views:55
              Market Choice Achievement Service Brand
              SME financing difficult. At present, the number of enterprises in our country is increasing day by day. The biggest threat to the company's entire business operations is the lack of liquidity. This lack of funds is particularly evident in the development of SMEs and often becomes a bottleneck restricting their development. The development of supply chain logistics finance makes the assessment of risk no longer only for the financing entity, but more for the transaction. The credit rating of the upstream and downstream companies, the trend of commodity prices, the ability to control the transaction process, and the record of the transaction process of the company have become the focus of assessment. . This will not only be more effective in assessing the true risks of the business, but will also enable more SMEs to step into the bank's services.
              Logistics companies urgently need to be transformed to improve profitability and competitiveness. The large number of logistics companies in China has resulted in increasingly fierce competition in the industry. Although the demand for logistics market in China is huge, the services of domestic logistics companies cannot fully keep up with the requirements of market development. Service concepts, service varieties, specialization levels, resource integration capabilities, and resilience should all be improved. In order to survive and develop, some logistics companies have innovated and changed, and cooperated with banks to provide financial services in the supply chain logistics activities in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and promote the transformation of logistics enterprises from traditional logistics to modern logistics.
              Market choices compel bank financial innovation. How to improve the quality of loans, control loan risks, and develop new credit extension services are an important issue for banks. In traditional bank credit or credit, or in pledged credits, credit grants generally have higher requirements for bank access, while small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the small size of their fixed assets, make bank lending business a kind of “credit loan”. "Don't dare to lend" to the situation, can not meet the financing needs of so many companies. Supply Chain Logistics Finance, which has captured core customers, introduced third-party cargo rights regulatory agencies, insurance services and guarantee services, can help banks expand loan size, reduce credit risk, effectively manage customers, and expand customer base.
              Promote professional building service platform with innovation
              The innovative credit model breaks through the bottleneck of small companies' financing and restrictions on credit allocation in different places. Bank of China, in addition to approving credit approvals for SMEs themselves, also makes full use of the quotas of the core companies in the supply chain and the insurance company’s financial institutions for the status quo of SMEs in the Suzhou region, and uses the clever docking of quotas to ease the limited size of SMEs themselves. The quota can not completely cover the fund gap problem, and effectively break the financing bottleneck of SMEs. At present, Suzhou Bank of China has provided supply chain financial services to a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has a loyal and stable group of small and medium-sized SME customers. Under the circumstances of economic downturn, it has strongly supported the development of these SMEs.
              The innovative product line provides a full range of services for corporate supply chain finance. Faced with the increasingly complex and specialized demands for the supply chain's financial services, Suzhou Bank has continuously innovated according to the needs of the company and realized the full product line coverage of supply chain logistics. Currently, Suzhou Bank of China has gradually extended its financing from accounts receivable to order financing prior to shipment, and financing during the production period. From the point of view of the acquisition of credit from the core buyer, Rongyi has achieved the sales of credit to the core seller customer. EDA, from the simple opening of the certificate to the realization of remote beneficiaries in the Bank of China to open an account, financing and other aspects have the appropriate supporting mature products, Suzhou and the Bank of China in the supply chain of financial services within the brand line.
              Promoting service effectiveness with professional promotion of benefits
              After many years of practical innovation, the Bank of China's logistics financial service product line has become increasingly sophisticated. Its service level has been continuously improved, and its professional ability has been recognized by customers. The results of many years of cultivation have entered the harvest season. Supply chain logistics finance has been expanding in customers, stimulating efficiency, and cross-border The role of business promotion is increasingly apparent.
              The first is to effectively expand the customer base. Bank of China has expanded the upstream and downstream customers' 1 n and n 1 models around their core customers. After years of efforts, the entire jurisdiction has initially formed a good trend of expanding and expanding customers around a core customer. The basic customers of trade finance, supply chain customers, and off-balance-sheet customers all grew rapidly, and the customer expansion effect was significant.
              The second is that linkage at home and abroad increases customer stickiness. For core key customers, Bank of China provides characteristic services and value-added services through integrated supply chain solutions. With the flexible use of supply chain logistics financial products in cross-border business areas, it creates value-added revenues for core key customers and further closes the cooperation. Customer stickiness.
              The third is to promote the development of cross-border RMB business. The Bank of China's supply chain logistics financial products have been developing steadily. In particular, domestic business has become an important support for in-table trade financing. In addition to the trade financing within the table, Bank of China makes full use of the advantages of integrated platforms at home and abroad to develop overseas financing channels for enterprises. In recent years, supply chain financing services based on overseas procurement and sales have flourished and become off-balance-sheet financing, especially cross-border. The new force for the development of the renminbi. As of now, the cross-border RMB business of Suzhou Bank of China has exceeded 100 billion yuan, of which the supply chain financing business has played a significant role.
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