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            Shelf installation and acceptance conditions

            Time:2018-05-14    Views:59
            Tianjin Meide shelf acceptance standards and device specifications:

              1 The equipment rack must be operated strictly in accordance with the drawings, and the errors must be reduced to a minimum. To prevent unnecessary errors, if the construction site may affect the construction or the safety elements may be presented on the spot and wait for inspection, the customer can actively cooperate with us. The operation.

              2 The measurement and inspection equipment, instruments, and appearance used in our company's installation are all in conformity with the current national measurement regulations, and its accuracy level is not lower than the accuracy level requested by the device. The precision instruments selected by our company's installation personnel can minimize the faults and faults.

              3 The concealed work before the shelf installation should be inspected before the project is concealed, and the construction can be continued after being qualified.

              4 In the process of installation, the equipment personnel must go through professional training. During the installation process, personnel must check each other, self-check, prevent the presentation of missing parts, and miss the missing components to leave potential safety hazards in the future. Shelf device

              Shelf device specifications:

             1) Prior to the installation of the Virtue shelves, you should be familiar with the surrounding power sources, fire sources, and fire protection. Failure to reach the fire code can only be rectified before construction.
             2) Before the construction of the Tianjin shelf device, the relevant ground floor and site of the site should have been completed, and the nearby waste debris should be promptly cleaned up.
             3) After the equipment is completed, the installation personnel of the shelf factory shall make some level and straight adjustments to the shelves to ensure the normal use of the shelves.
             4) Heavy-duty, high-end, high-shelf type storage racks with large carrying capacity should carry out load-bearing tests on the column and other parts of the rack. It is necessary to obtain a load-bearing request before using.
             5) Shenzhen shelves with stackers should be checked for alignment. Shelf device issues
             6) All fasteners must be tightened to handle bolts should be exposed 2-4 pitch nuts; countersunk head screws tightened, countersunk head should be embedded in the component, does not allow exposure.

            Shelf erection specification

            The use of pad adjustments should be in accordance with the following rules:

            1) The principle of minimizing the number of plates in each plate group is to reduce the maximum number of plates beyond 5 blocks. Place the pad group on the principle of thick and thin under placement
            2) Each pad group should be placed in a stable and even touch.
            3) After commissioning, each set of pads should be compacted. The shelves cannot shake and shake. Shelf device rules
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