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            Where are the storage shelves designed?

            Time:2018-05-14    Views:53
              Shelf design basis is mainly reflected in the storage shelves, the storage shelf force analysis and calculation is the focus of this technology.
            Its design basis mainly from the following aspects:
            1. Forced live load: Live load refers to the weight of goods and pallets that are placed on storage shelves, and also relates to the snow (rain) load of the roof.
            2. Forced constant load: The constant load refers to the self weight of the structure of the storage rack itself, and connects the weight of the C-shaped steel and house frames, purlins, house frames, roof panels, and wall plates.
            3. Vertical impact load: refers to the impact load generated by the stacker when storing goods.
            4. Wind load: It is the focus of the overall three-dimensional warehouse stress calculation. In general, the investors of the integrated warehouse are based on the rational and effective use of space, so the overall height of the three-dimensional warehouse is high, and the general aspect ratio is: L (height) = (width), so that the warehouse in the wind The role of security is an important indicator. The calculation of the influence of wind load on the storage rack pillars will generally be completed by the force calculation software of the steel structure. At the same time, the system force simulation and theoretical calculations shall be used for review.
            5. Seismic cracking degree: According to GBJ11-89 "Code for Seismic Design of Buildings", the anti-seismic cracking protection level is generally set to 7.
            The storage rack structure should be designed according to the most unfavorable combination of the above-mentioned load effects. When designing an integrated storage rack structure of a three-dimensional warehouse, special attention is paid to the following two most unfavorable combinations of loads: the load under the no-load condition when the wind load is active, and the full load under the full load when the horizontal earthquake acts. force. In addition, sufficient consideration should be given to the state of goods distribution in the warehouse, that is, when the warehouse is full on one side and the other side is in no-load status, the force analysis of the warehouse foundation is performed. Shelf design Although there is a theory of storage allocation of warehouses, although the allocation of storage of goods in warehouses has been specified as uniformly as possible in the instructions for use in warehouses, we must consider the worst possible possibility in designing calculations.
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